Italian Ceramic Tiles

italian ceramic tilesItalian Ceramic Tiles
Are you looking for a way to bring a feeling of warmth to your home? Could your kitchen benefit from an aspect of old world charm? Then Italian ceramic tiles could be a good choice for you.
Italian ceramic tiles are a traditional art form that's available to today's homeowner in a number of different styles and sizes. In the Greater Toronto area, there are a handful of stone importers that also specialize in supplying beautiful ceramic tile to contractors and consumers.
Once you begin exploring the world of Italian ceramic tiles, you'll see that there's a wide range of choice available. For instance, you are still able to buy individual tiles crafted by artisans in Italian villages, where the process has not changed for centuries. These tiles are real works of art, but of course they're more expensive than tiles that are produced in larger quantities with the help of digital technology. These tiles are available at very reasonable prices, and, with a little imagination, you can use them to create unique and stylish effects.
Spectacular Floors
Italian ceramic tiles are often used on kitchen or bathroom floors. Tile is hygienic, easy to clean, and perfect for walls, countertops or floors. On kitchen floors, ceramic tile is often arranged in geometric patterns to create old world effects. Using small tiles of a uniform colour, experienced installers can recreate the sorts of layouts made popular by Italian piazzas.
It's also possible to create your own effects by mixing and matching tiles of various colours and sizes. This will create a mosaic effect. Or you can, for example, create a border around a room with a particular colour, or create your own twist on the classic parquet pattern. Working with Italian ceramic tile can be an exhilarating and creative process for a homeowner.
Using Tile for Accent
Perhaps you'd rather use ceramic tile accents in your kitchen or bathroom for dramatic effect. Here are some ideas for using tile:
  • Backsplash. An obvious place for beautiful Italian ceramic tile is the backsplash. You can use one uniform colour or design, or many complementary ones. Useful and displayed to great effect, ceramic tiles look like tiny works of art hanging in a gallery when they're employed as a kitchen backsplash.
  • Feature Wall. Many homeowners employ Italian ceramic tile to create a feature wall. Varying thicknesses create a tactile element that's got a contemporary feel. Highly polished glazed tiles can help to draw attention to a feature such as a fireplace.
  • Kitchen or bathroom countertops. Using Italian ceramic tile for countertops is becoming more and more popular. It's a relatively inexpensive option for countertops, and wears well. Installers can use coloured grouting compounds to make the seams less obvious. And if a tile gets damaged, it's simple to remove and replace it.
  • Subtle accents. Italian ceramic tiles can also be used on walls to create a border near the ceiling, or to frame a window.
With a little imagination, you'll find dozens of uses for these tiles that will add value to your home, and beauty to your life.